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With PrestaShop, you can sell your products online without having to program your website from scratch.

You just need a host, and from there, you can upload the PrestaShop files. You can set up the layout and other options for your online store from the control panel.

From choosing the payment methods to the courier services for shipments, everything is perfectly configurable to suit your business's needs.

It's definitely a brilliant option if you want to sell your products without having to program your site and worry too much about it.
How to create an online store with WordPress and WooCommerce

There are many free and open-source CMSs available for creating online stores, such as Prestashop or Magenta, which you can use to create your own such project from scratch. An interesting option is to take advantage of the versatility of WordPress to use it as a base and add plugins that can transform your blog and control panel into a complete e-commerce tool. In this case, we’re going to use the free tool WooCommerce and one of the many templates available on WooThemes.
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You need a hosting service to use PrestaShop.